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Heirloom Tomatoes, Organic Fish, Happy Hens, and Veg*n Holiday Recipes: Link Roundup

My mostly weekly round-up of interesting articles that relate to sustainable food and dining for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, where I often post articles and recipes during the day as I come across them.


Local Specialty Tomatoes – in November!
I love Lufa Farms and their unique rooftop greenhouses in Montreal–the first of their kind anywhere in the world. And now that they’ve started growing heirloom tomatoes in their CSA baskets. Lufa Farms operates like a CSA with weekly “baskets” of fresh produce for individual or families at over 200 drop-off points around the greater Montreal area. As a member you can also go online and add other local, mostly organic, products to your basket from partners like Maniadakis Organic Orchard, Morille Quebec, and even La Bête à Pain. Winters in this city just got tastier.

Can A Fish Farm Be Organic? That’s Up For Debate
The organic label on aquaculture is a slippery one. I’ve written before about the trouble with Canada’s proposed organic aquaculture standards. The troubles are the same south of the border. One of the biggest concerns is that they still allow open-net ocean pens, which damage the environment and don’t contain disease. This is proof again that organic does not necessarily mean environmentally-friendly or even sustainable.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipe Collection
This is a great selection of vegetarian recipes suitable for a special event from the New York Times. No matter the feast that you’re cooking, there is probably something here for you. And if you’re a carnivore you may not even miss the meat with some of the culinary concoctions. Personally, I’ve starred the Seitan Roulade With Oyster Mushroom Stuffing, Saffron Ravioli With Wild Mushrooms and Cashew Cheese, and Pumpkin Tiramisu for my table over the holidays.


Mon Marché Local
I love seeing local initiatives aligned with my own values. Mon Marché Local is one of them. This is a nice interview with Margaux Murray, one of the founders of the blog and community of local producers, artisans, and folks interested in buying local. Sign-up for their newsletter to find out which farmers’ markets in the Montreal area are open, when, and where.

Happy Hens: Caged Versus Free-Run
Are hens allowed to run free really happier than caged hens? Even the larger cages in the European Union that have been introduced to replace the controversial battery cages? Not all free-range facilities are created equal, although at least in the EU it looks like “free range” has a legal definition, unlike here in Canada.

Did you come across some interesting food-related news stories recently? Or do you have thoughts on any of these stories? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. t! says

    There is discussion about the taste of eggs in that last article.

    Having eaten battery chicken for the first 15 of the last 20 years, it never occurred to me that different breeds *taste different.* But last night, we discovered that our Wyandottes are sharper and less gamey than our Chanteclers were.

    Which you can taste if your chicken is a real, non-factory animal.


  2. Margaux says

    Hi Amanda, I know this is a bit late, but thanks for the mention!
    Cheers, Margaux

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