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Farm to School, Farm School, Industrial Agriculture, and Lemon Tart

My semi-regular Friday round-up of articles, websites or videos from across the world wide web that caught my attention.

The 10 Most Impressive Farm to School Programs. This is a great list of some pretty inspiring farm to school programs in the US. Some of them are close to home in New England too, showing that even though our growing season and school season seem to be out of sync, successful farm to school programs are possible. In Quebec, Equiterre runs a farm to school program in daycares and schools across the province, and is looking to expand into other institutions like hospitals.

Concordia City Farm School. If you are in Montreal and you want to learn urban agriculture hands-on, the Concordia University’s Greenhouse City Farm School has s a really unique program in Montreal covering the entire growing season. It starts next month and includes a seasonal internship at urban gardens around the city. Registration is open now. Only 20 students are accepted.

What Happens to Piglets on Factory Farms. Industrial hog farming was possibly one of the first agriculture industries that I got disgusted about when I was vegetarian. I still am disgusted and won’t go anywhere near supermarket pork for a huge variety of reasons. This video is just one of them. It’s from the US, but conditions for breeding pigs in Quebec–where hog farming is big business–is no different.

No, that’s not snow: Pesticides coat California’s Central Valley. This article from Grist paints a pretty grim picture about the cost local residents around orange farms in parts of California pay for our penchant for perfect oranges. Are they worth it? I may just add oranges to my list of foods that I always buy organic!

Lemon Creme Brulée Tart. I’m a sucker for lemon deserts and this one from Life in Pleasantville has my mouth watering. A great way to end a meal. Use organic lemons if you can, especially since the recipe calls for lemon rind.

Celeriac: Winter’s Gnarly Root. And since I was over at my brother’s for dinner this week and he was puzzling over what to do with some celeriac, one of my own articles actually caught my eye. It includes some of my favourite recipes for this winter staple. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Iris Shreve Garrott, creative commons license

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  1. t! says

    Let me guess: Your brother has a CSA? That’s the fist time *I* ever saw celeriac.

    Lemon Creme Brulee Tart. Thank god it takes a long time to make, because otherwise that could become a serious problem for the ol’ waistline.


    • Amanda S. says

      Actually, his wife got turned on to celeriac on a visit to the UK. She had only seen it cooked it in a white sauce (very British!), so was happy to find alternatives!

      • t! says

        That’s kinda cool!


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